Maternity Leave Rules for Women Government Employees

Women employees are eligible for maternity leaves of 180 days for maximum two surviving children. Maternity leaves can be combined with any other kind of leaves including CCL and can be taken without medical certificate up to one year in continuation. These leaves cannot be debited against leave account and the period of leave will be included in service period for increment and pension. The women employee will be given full pay during the leave period. But one should be careful not to join office back during maternity leave period as this leave can be taken in one spell at a stretch. If woman employee joins back before completing her maternity leave, it automatically gets cancelled.

Women employees are entitled for 45 days of leaves in entire service for in case of miscarriage/ abortion whether induced or otherwise but not for threatened abortion. Application needs to be supported by a certificate given by recognized or registered practitioner. This leave is admissible irrespective of number of surviving children.


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Maternity Leave Benifit for Govt Employees

Dear Sir,

One of my relation working as a Govt Teacher and she was in Maternity leave last 5 months,she will going to join next month.TN govt annouce that maternity leave will increase 6month to 9months .can i know the status when will the Bill going to pass from the govt .

Awaiting for your reply.


maternity leave sanctioned but refused to pay salary.


Sir my wife joined karnataka govt service on 18/12/ day she took maternity leave. She delivered first baby on 23/12/2015.her maternity leave also sanctioned. she joined duty after 6 our boss telling maternity leave not applicable & should rejoin the service. What should I do. Please share me any order to show them that we can report duty & take maternity leave, no need to rejoin duty.they have a very outdated GO of govt of India stating that pregnant women not supposed to join the service and after delivery only they should reappoint.please am very disappointed about it & should I discontinue her service. Please sort out this problem sir,its almost 8 months over without salary. drmuralirk [at] gmail [dot] com

maternty leave for adhoc senior residents in delhi govt hospital

hi sir/mam admin
my wife is working as a senior resident in a delhi government hospital on 89 days tenure basis for the past 6 months. she went on her maternity leave from 27 april. initially she was told that as she is an adhoc SR she would get only 84 days of maternity leave and not 6 months which regular SR are getting. but few days back she was further informed that as her tenure in ending on 30 june, she would only be getting 64 days of leave after which either she will have to join back or her post would be given to someone else. i tried talking to the authorities in her hospital but they told me to get in proof that adhoc SR should get 84 days leave irrespective of their tenure. can you help me out with this

regarding increment during pregnancy leave

my wife is a maharashtra stata govt employee. she joined the service on 21-07-2010. after one year she got first increment. she was on pregnancy leave from 15-09-2011 to 15-03-2016. her probation termination was done on 15-01-2013. she was not given the second increment which was due on 1-07-2012 saying that she was on pregnancy leave and increment cannot be given for pregnancy leave in probation period. so please let me know whether she is elegible for second increment in july 2012.

Maternity Allowance

Sir, I am working in government organisation on contract basis and my employer was a private company from year(Oct,2013-March,2015 and may,2015-march,2016), now its changed to another private company. I was gone on maternity leaves from Aug-Oct 2015. and after that I joined the office regularly . and I contact my company for maternity allowance from February to till date..but after march 2015 the HR department did not response to my queries. they are ignoring my matter.

What is the reason...I don’t understand…

If i am not eligible for MB than they should have to give me the reason...but they don't.

What should I do..Please help me Sir.

Maternity leave eligible or not

Dear Sir,
I have completed 1 year in private company. I have applied for maternity leave before 6 weeks from my due date. (Applied for maternity leave on 19 jan 2016, my due date is 5 March 2016).

I have applied 3 months maternity leave from 1 March 2016 - 31 May 2016.

Am i eligible for 3 month maternity leave benefits(salary) or not.

whether increment will apply during maternity leave?

my wife is a karnataka state govt employee joined on 11/11/2010
got regularized. she underwent lscs on 9/10/2015.she has annual increment in the month of november of every year. As she is in maternity leave since 9/10/2015, office staff is saying that increment cannot be given as she is in maternity leave & it will be given to her only after she join the duty without arrears. is it true or can they give increment during maternity leave plz reply, its urgent

Maternity Leave is eligible or not?

Respected Sir/Madam.

I am Rajesh.

My wife is working as a Staff Nurse in Tamilnadu Government Hospital. She had regularation on May 2013. She took maternity leave from December-2014 to May-2015 for our 2nd baby . She didnt get maternity leave salary still from her office. She rejoined the duty on June 2015 after the completion of maternity leave period. I should know whether the Maternity leave is eligible or not for my wife. If it is not eligible please give me the proper reason. I would like to know the proper reason regarding this subject if it is not eligible.

I am eagerly expecting your grateful reply. Please reply me as soon as possible.

Thanking you,

reasonable breaktime for breastfeeding for a working lady

Dear Sir

kindly inform me that I am working in a school and having 5 months year old child. whether I may be allowed for breaktime for breastfeeding upto one year of child or not.

maternity leave rules contract besis servant


My wife is contrct besis uttarakhand government servant. So please tell what rule in uttarakhand government maternity leave...

Loss of Pay leave immediately post joining new company post deli

I got selected for permanent job as asst professor in central govt medical college and was asked to join post medical test.

My situation:
I delivered baby last week of Apr 2015 => Currently baby is 6 weeks old and I have passed medical test => Joining date is in July 2015 which is 3 months from now
Can I go for loss of pay leave for 3 months immediately post joining?

a) Probation for permanent job (I am not currently working with them) starts as of July 2015 - 3 months from now: My medical test is cleared last week and I have appointment order as of Jul last week 2015 - 3 weeks post maternity.
b) note that I HAVE NOT JOINED yet and have to join July 2015 i.e. in 3 months
c) Can I apply for maternity leave immediately after joining in July last week for 3 months i.e. as soon as I join?
d) If c) is not possible, can I apply for loss of pay leave immediately after joining

What options do I have as I have not joined and probation starts immediately post joining?

Net-net this question is around if there is a discrimination between those that deliver baby post joining and those that deliver baby and then join?

Maternity Leave rules

Hello Sir, I am a regular Govt Employee (Directly recruited through A.P.P.S.C on 21.3.2013) Working in Andhra Pradesh Women and Child Welfare Dept. I Have been Carrying 6th month.If I apply for Maternity Leave (More than 180 days including C.C.L before the completion of my probation Period (i.e. 21.03.2015) will that affect my Seniority??

maternity leave

I working in HARYANA Govt as a staff nurse, I am permanent employee.can I take maternity leave before the delivery.

maternity leave during probationary period

sir my wife is working as a teacher(permenant) in tamilnadu government .she joined in job on 1/10/2014.she is in probation period.she worked for 35 days. then she applied for maternity leave from 6/11/2014 to 6/05/2015 .god blessed her with child on 1/10/2014.she has got salary for the month of october and november(during maternity leave period).now the boss said there is no salary for the month december onwards and this duration (december to april )will be taken as loss of pay .
may i know the maternity benefitts for a women who joined in government service and in probation period?
what is the mininimum no working days required to apply for maternity leave those who are in probation period?

Maternity Leave during probationary period

For those who are joined in regular cadre (permanent), there is no minimum working days required. It is only for the temporary employees one year service is required to grant ML. Your Boss can't say there is no salary. You are having every right by law to get the full salary and allowances for 6 months.
R. Selvam,
90875 29180

Spacing between first and second child for maternity claim


I am carrying for second time,my due date is in May month and my first child will be 18 months old by that time.
Will I be eligible for maternity claim for this second time as well.
Is there any G.O. explaining the spacing between first and second child for Tamilnadu Gov employee.

Please guide.

can my wife join maternity leave with bed rest leave

Hi admin,
my wife is doing short turm contract job in Govt primary health centre. She is on ninth month pregnancy. On seventh month she hed pre turm labour pain so she had to take leave for bed rest till 1/12/2014. Now we are going to do plan cs on 2/12/2014. Now can she take maternity leave??? From where? Any problem to take leave???
Please we are very tense in this matter.
Please help.

leave rules contract besis servant

My wife is contrct besis government servant. She took bed rest leave without pay And in contract besis maternity leave also without pay. I don't want pay but don't want to be terminated by head office. So please tell me rules for contract besis government servant.

Joining a new job during maternity leave period of another job

I was working as WEO(Welfare Extension Officer) in a block.
After 1 year and 7 months working as WEO I went on maternity leave from dt.17.01.2014 to dt.15.07.2014.I was blessed with a child on dt.22.01.2014.During availing of my maternity leave I got another job( junior clerk) and joined in the new job on 17.02.2014 after resigning from old job on 15.02.2014. I applied maternity leave again on dt18.02.2014 to 15.07.2014 in the new job.. My old job was a regular state govt job and new one is also a regular state govt. job of odisha state.
My question is am I eligible to get maternity leave benifit in the new job? Ll I get my full salary during this maternity leave period?
and if there is any GO's please send me.......

less than one year service

in Tamil nadu govt maternity leave of 180 days with full pay is sanctioned , but the employee should complete one year of this case the expected delivery date is 14 days prior to completion of service. but in TN maternity leave commences either before delivery or from the date of delivery. if it commences 14 days after the date of delivery she will be eligible for full pay. any way to get full pay.?

maternity leave

hi admin
i am government employee in telangana state.i have not completed my probation because i have avoiled 6 months leave for my first child and i have been granted 6 months maternity leave for my second child but sudden abortion happened in 9th month. i have availed 3 months and rejoined the office after 3 months. how these leaves would be considered. can i avail another 6 months of leave for my next child.the period of first six months and the next 3 months are counted for completing my probation. i am unable to understand how these leaves are considered. kindly help me.

maternity leave

Hello admin
My wife is working as a senior resident on ad hoc basis of 89 days in a Delhi govt hospital.we have applied fr maternity leave and the hospital has given leave for 12 weeks. However regular Sr,s get leave for 180 days.
My question is that can there be a discrimination between regular and ad hoc sr's.
Since the contract is of 89 days and to renew one has to join back the hospital which means the maternity leaves will lapse.
Is there a way to get 180 days ML and is she entitled for full 6 months leave under these circumstances.


hello dr ashish
read your query.i also have similiar query. i m working as sr OBGY in one of the mcd hospitals.i have been appointed for sr for period one yr.i want to know can u help me provide neccesary document to quote for applying maternity i m eligible for 6 month or 12 wks leave.when can i apply i mean how many weeks before delievery.i m askin this as my tenure is not extended after 1 yr

maternity leave on probition

I am working in revenue department in Andhra pradesh state government. am joining in service on 26.11.2012. Now am carrying pregnancy of 8 months (as on 24.07.2014). My Prohibition will complete in NOV 2014. If am in leave for 6 months on maternity leave the Prohibition period will complete in NOV 2014 or it will extend up to 6 months. please reply....


and if there is any GO's please send me.......

Maternity leave for 3 rd time


Hello Admin. My wife is expecting for 3 rd time. a maharashtra gove. employ .having only 1 surviving children... last gr of state mentions 2 children. date 24-08-2009 tales read gr 4-11-1996 and 28-7-1995 which mentions less than 2 surviving children.....but authorities are not in mood to accept it....they say can take leave for 2 times can i convince them... is any thing mentioned in 1961...where... .please guide us more.....thanks

They should be right. But

They should be right. But read this too:

leave extension

I'm a doctor.i got a govt job at sengottai gh as dms temporary post.i joined duty on 30dec 2013.nd tuk my maternity leav frm Jan 1st.i delivered on Jan 21. NW my 6 months leav gts ovr on June 29.s t possible to xtend my leav for another 6 months or at least 2 months so I cn xclusiv feed uptil 6 months ND wean my daughter dn join duty... Thank you!

I don't think anything like

I don't think anything like this will be there in the ML from your govt organization. But there is allowance for breast feeding that you can leave office twice a day for breastfeed.

Regarding maternity leave

Sir, I am working in National Institute of open schooling (an autonomous organization under MHRD). As I had two children already but not availed maternity leave for any one. Now I am third time pregnent. Can i avail maternity leave.
Pls. reply.

No. It can be availed only if

No. It can be availed only if you've less than 2 children.

maternity leave for icmr funded contractual employees

i am working as Psychologist under the Research Project in the department of Pediatrics, PGIMER Chandigarh.
As per my contract agreement , my service rules and regulations are governed by the rules and regulations and such other conditions of service as are applicable for contract ICMR Research project.
please guide me on Maternity Leave rules and regulations applicable for ad hoc emplyoees under ICMR research project?.
and what all documents can i show for my benefit in the institution as i have been told that i am not entitled for maternity benefits. i have completed 80 days of work in project.


This one is applicable for

This one is applicable for you:

maternity leave rule when delivered before joining govt job

Sir/ Mam,

I delivered a baby on 5th April 2013 , at that time I was not working anywhere. After 1 month I got a job in state govt in 5th may 2013. after i joined i applied for maternity leave during my probationary period, my officer sanctioned ML for remaining 5 months. Now I rejoined duty after 5 months of ML in October. when I asked salary he is telling your ML is not valid so u don't get salary as well as service and more over your probationary period will be extended to that 5 months.

My questions are-
1. Now Can I change my ML letter to CCL letter to get my salary?
2.can I be eligible for CCL ?
3. If Maternity leave is meant for child well being up to 6 months age then why I m not eligible for it even after delivery?
4. is there any other way to get my service at least?
5. what will be the fate of my ML period of 5 months ? is it comes under breaking service?

kindly answer my questions.. thanks in advance

The office is right. About

The office is right. About CCL, it can be but does your state have CCL?

Maternity benefit


If I will join any private organization when I am pregnant for 2 or 3 months.Then will I be eligible for maternity benefits such as leaves and payment?

What if probation period will be 6 months in new organization?

causual leave

am working as a staff nurse in andhra pradesh govt hsptl after availing maternity leave how many cls can i apply actually i hav taken maternity leave frm dec 18/12/2012 to16/6/2013 in this year how many cls can i take is there any deduction of cls aftr maternity leave for six months?

CL's can't be clubbed with ML

CL's can't be clubbed with ML


I TEACH IN A COLLEGE AND AUTUMN BREAK IS DUE FROM OCT 2ND TO 10TH. I wish to know whether I can apply for ML from 11th October or not. I mean whether my autumn break will be taken as separate or will be clubbed by the college.

I belong to Delhi while work in Ludhiana. so I need to be in Delhi a few days before delivery. so wish to know whether to apply for leave before vacations or can apply immediately after ending of vacations.

i can save 10 days my of ML if leave can be started immediately after vacations without having to come Ludhiana which wont be possible as delivery will be close.

Query on how many times Maternity Leave can be availed


I have a query on how many times the maternity leave can be allowed in the following case. A female govt. employee having one surving child but have taken maternity leave twice (first children expired in one month) but availed maternity leave in full. Is she eligible for maternity leave. As per rule, it is allowed for two surviving children. But in this case, is she elgible? Please respond immediately.



You should be! Maternity

You should be! Maternity leave is for your and baby's health and care. Moreover it is allowed if you're having less than two surviving children.

You should get it.

in main comment

in main comment

maternity leave


hi all friends
a woman got a job as a govt. teacher. she had a baby of 2 month at the time of joining. will she applicable to maternity leave? please give ur comments.....

As far as I'm aware of, for

As far as I'm aware of, for availing one need to deliver while in job.
But she will be eligible for CCL up to 2 years max.

when can i start maternity leaves

hi everyone, i am teaching in a govt college as a regular employee. I want to sstart my maternity leave from my 4th month end i want to be my husband who going out of country for a year and i am alone with a baby....we are allowed 180 days maternity leave after 6th pay commission. is there any rule saying when can i start mt ML as i could not find any such rule in the leave book

2 maternity leave in 3 year regular senior resident job

Dear Sir/Madam,
Senior residency in govt hospital is only for 3 years duration, I want to know weather second maternity leave is allowed for a women working as senior resident doctor in central government hospital delhi, in a regular contract period of three year senior residency.Can women take 2 maternity leave in this three year period.........yes/no.


Maternity leave for Contractual Medical Officer under State Gov.

My wife working as Medical officer (Maharashtra) for more than 4 years on contractual basis(on scale basis gr-b). Her contract duration is of 11 month, every time last contract is renewed with one/two day break.
Current contract is terminating on 8.11.2012. But she was pregnant and gave birth to male child on 27.08.12(premature of 8 months 15 day) and applied for 6 month Maternity leave from 27.08.12 onwards.
Is it possible to continue contract while on leave ?
what will b the best solution for such situation? shall we continue ML or else we have to join to continue contract?
will she get regular payment while on ML .

Maternity leave for Contractual Medical Officer(Maharashtra gov)

Hello, My wife is working as assistant professor on contractual basis in maharashtra govt medical collage. We are in the similar situation as you were and we require some information regarding the same.
Kindly reply on dr [dot] snehal [dot] upadhyay [at] gmail [dot] com
Thank you...

Dr. Snehal Upadhyay

Maternity leave for contractual appointments

Myself & my colleague are working in University of Pune(Maharashtra) for more than 7/8 years on contractual basis. Our contract duration is of 3 years every time. Our last contract was renewed in 2011 and the current appointment is till 2014.
Currently we both are pregnant and want to avail our Maternity leaves. As per law, can we avail maternity leave of 180 days with pay???

As per Maharastra MB act you

As per Maharastra MB act you should get it. But I request you to contact the following in Pune:

Government Labour Officers, Pune Division, Area: Pune(Revenue) Division.
If you can find one, please also talk to: Government Labour Officer in Pune division

Leave without pay for child care new born above two month

Hello Sir,

I am serving in state government of Gujarat primary education board at kheda district of Gujarat.

I have born a child on 11th April, 2012. I have already taken maternity leave as per rules i.e. 4.5 months which is completed on 4th May,2012. I have rejoined my duty as teacher on 5th May, 2012. Then summer vacation started from 6th May,2012 to 10th June, 2012. On 11th June,2012 I have worked but now i want to take child care leave without pay for frequently of 12 days, then joined, then further want to take leave for 10 to 15 days similarly in following months i.e. from July to Diwali vacation.

Can I permissible for this? Please inform me the rules & regulation for advance applying.