High Court Ruling for Termporary Government Employees for Maternity Benefit

July 31, 2013 was a landmark day as High Court of Nainital, Uttarakhand has given decision in favour of an aggrieved lady clerk working as temporary employee in Haldwani Medical college( state government organization), directing the state government to provide the same maternity benefit as given as per Maternity Benefit Act 1965 to the private sector already.

This case has been seen as a discriminatory by the High Court judges again temporary working women.

This case has far reaching affects. Ladies can quote this judgement in their states to claim maternity benefit.

Download Form-1 Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

Form-1 submission is needed to inform your employer of your upcoming maternity leave and child delivery. However you're allowed to submit it even after delivery.

Do You Need to Breastfeed Your Baby - Advantages?

Till six months of age of an infant, mother's milk is the best, sufficient and cost effective food for the child's growth. It has many ingredients which gives protection to child from diseases. After six months, one can start giving some other food to the child as well and can also continue to breast feed.

Maternity Benefit Act -- List of Books in Market

We've found some useful books in Maternity Benefit Act. If you too have some valuable information then please send us the book name and screenshots to us so that we can publish them here.

My Breast Feeding Mistakes - That You Should Never Do

→My story of breast feeding will serve as a lesson for those uninitiated like me when I delivered my first child and me and my husband hardly had any general knowledge about how to breast feed a baby. Breast-feeding is one of the most precious gift to a baby from her mother, primarily because it saves baby's life and reduces her chance of dying early and also affects baby's body and mind through out baby's life.

Taking Care of Pregnancy - General Tips You Should Know!

It is a thrilling experience when a women comes to know that she is pregnant. The thought that a life is forming inside our own body makes every women feel proud and also fills with many emotions. But with that comes lots of worries in mind as well. What should I eat? How should I walk? Many women become quite conscious while walking. Which way should I sit? Can I have relations with my husband? So many queries and questions bother pregnant women especially first time mothers.

Maternity Leave FAQ for Central Government Employees

If you have any leave related questions and want us to answer it then raise it at our working women forum.

Q.1 When I can start the maternity leave?
Ans: you can start your maternity leaves six weeks before the expected date of your delivery.

Maternity Leave Rules for Women in PSU/ Private sector/ IT/ ITES

Woman employee should have minimum 80 working days to her credit in last 12 months counting from start of maternity leave to be eligible for maternity benefits in that organization. This law also stipulates that all working women are entitled for minimum 12 weeks of maternity leave. And at most 6 weeks may be taken before the day of delivery. A CL may not be clubbed with maternity leave otherwise it'll be taken as part of maternity leave. However you can take maternity leave at any time during your leave of any kind.

The principles governing the leave rules for central government employees

You can find circulars related to maternity benefit for central government employees here.

Maternity Leave Rules for Women Government Employees

Women employees are eligible for maternity leaves of 180 days for maximum two surviving children. Maternity leaves can be combined with any other kind of leaves including CCL and can be taken without medical certificate up to one year in continuation. These leaves cannot be debited against leave account and the period of leave will be included in service period for increment and pension. The women employee will be given full pay during the leave period.

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