Maternity Leave Rules for Women Government Employees

Women employees are eligible for maternity leaves of 180 days for maximum two surviving children. Maternity leaves can be combined with any other kind of leaves including CCL and can be taken without medical certificate up to one year in continuation. These leaves cannot be debited against leave account and the period of leave will be included in service period for increment and pension. The women employee will be given full pay during the leave period. But one should be careful not to join office back during maternity leave period as this leave can be taken in one spell at a stretch. If woman employee joins back before completing her maternity leave, it automatically gets cancelled.

Women employees are entitled for 45 days of leaves in entire service for in case of miscarriage/ abortion whether induced or otherwise but not for threatened abortion. Application needs to be supported by a certificate given by recognized or registered practitioner. This leave is admissible irrespective of number of surviving children.


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I work as Engineer IT in CDAC

I work as Engineer IT in CDAC noida, I am on probation from last one year and the probation period if of 3 years. In the HR policy letter given to us it has been mentioned that only 12 months of maternity leave will be provided. Doesnt the rule of 180 days of leave apply??

and As per the rules given " CCL should not ordinarily be granted during the probation period except in case of certain extreme situations where the leave sanctioning authority is fully satisfied about the need of Child Care Leave to the probationer. It may also be ensured that the period for which this leave is sanctioned during probation is minimal." is written in the office orders.

Can i avail CCL along with Maternity leave?? What can be done if the office denies for any more leaves than 12 weeks after they are availed?

Plz help!

I think yours is central govt

I think yours is central govt job and CCS rules apply. In that case 6 month maternity leave will be there along with CCL in continuation. But they'll be right in extending your probation to the amount of leaves taken.

probation declaration

I work as a teacher in Tamilnadu govt school. my probation was to end on 25th october 2011 but i took maternity leave from 10th oct 2011. i have joind the service now. what is my probation date now. some say i have to wait for another 180 days for probation (till oct 2012) some say its from april 2012 which one is right. kindly someone help in this regard.

Thank you

Probation should increase at

Probation should increase at least to the extent of leave taken. But it is not related to maternity leave.

Doing Ph.D from AIIMS an getting salary from ICMR finded project


I am doing PhD from AIIMS, Delhi on a project funded by Indian Council for Medical Research since October 2011. I am pregnant and baby due in the month of June 2012.

My guide says I will not get any maternity benefits and I need to go for short leave and that too without any salary, is that true?

Please assist and let me know what rule should apply in my case.


PhD will not be called as

PhD will not be called as earning job. You're earning a fellowship and nothing more. Maternity act will not apply you.

Maternity leave

My wife has joined Public health department (Maharashtra state government). when she got appointment letter she was pregnant. She took maternity leave after 1 month of service. Whether she will eligble for Maternity leave benefit and salary during maternity leave?

Nnormally no. But there could

Nnormally no. But there could be state government order allowing leave in this case which I'm not sure of.

regarding maternity leave

i am a regular kvs woman it compulsary to take maternity leave just after the birth of the baby?can't avail maternity leave after one month of birth of baby.

i am on contract based

i am on contract based employ. can u pls tell me provisions for contractual employes. education department punjab

Maternity leave if child dies

I have started my maternity leave just a week before my delivery and my child passed away after 1.5 months. I wanted to know if i can avail maternity leave for complete 3months or i will have to join immediately after the death of the child?


u should avail total

u should avail total maternity leave of 6 months...

Maternity leave

Recentely I have join in central Govt. Job and I also pregnant. Waht should rule will be follow for leave. can i take maternit leave immediately in first month of my joining ?

As far as I know, yes.

As far as I know, yes.

Maternity Leave application rules

can we inform to our seniors for maternity leave application over phone in case of any emergency.

Yes sure, there is no hard

Yes sure, there is no hard and fast rule and you can even apply for ML after delivery.

Thanks a lot for your prompt

Thanks a lot for your prompt response, needs to where it has mentioned that information may send to over phone instead of written application.

how many CCL can principal of school grant in one spell

How many child care leave can be granted by head of school to teacher.
Is there any rule for that?

Are you talking about

Are you talking about maternity leaves? It's 12 weeks.

i mean child care leave after

i mean child care leave after maternity leaves.
what is the max number of child care leaves that principal of school can sanction.

I'll have verify it but in

I'll have verify it but in central govt any leave may be taken for 1 year in continuation of ML. So there is no problem with CCL for 1 year and it may not be denied.

I'll have verify it but in

I'll have verify it but in central govt any leave may be taken for 1 year in continuation of ML. So there is no problem with CCL for 1 year and it may not be denied.

I am working with a Life

I am working with a Life Insurance co. I heard that recently there has been an ammendment in the maternity leave period from 60 days to 180 days. Though mine is a Ltd. firm as per rule how many days leave i am eligible for?

For you it'll be 12 weeks and

For you it'll be 12 weeks and for central govt servants it's 180 days.

can i apply ml after 15 days of my delivery date..

i am woking as central govt employee. my delivery date is 27.01.2012 and upto 10.02.2012 i m on el. can i apply ml after joining office for a single day i.e. 13.02.2012 and from 14.02.2012 can i apply ml..???? while my delivery date is 27.01.2012. now my question is----can i apply my ml after 15 days of my delivery date??????


Don't make mistake of joining

Don't make mistake of joining office after delivery. I've seen similar case. Yes you can take ML after EL in continuation even after delivery. There is no requirement for you to join. Yes you can apply ML after 15 days of delivery date.
But take your admin dept. in confidence.

what case u hv seen

what case u hv seen sir/madam...... if i join once after el, will i not take ml??????????????

maternity leave

sir plz tell me .
i m 7654 candidate in punjab govt teacher on contract basis .how many days are allowed for me

Payment during leave

Hi Sir, ma'm,

I am working for a private firm in software industry. I started with them in March 2010 and have completed almost 2 years with the firm.
I am pregnant now and will be going on leave from January 2nd or 3rd week, but recently HR told me that you will not get salary for the period during which you remain absent i.e 3 or 4 months, whatsoever. But only after I join the firm post delivery and work for more than 6 months I will get the salary for that duration for which I was absent.

I think this is against the law and if a single woman is working and is not paid for the duration of her leave while she is on leave then this is unacceptable.

Please reply.

Can a woman take third maternity leave

if a woman have already two alive children. can she take third maternity leave

As per maternity benefit act

As per maternity benefit act it is allowed: . One lady even won in high court against Punjab govt.

maternity leave

Dear sir,
This is regarding my wife,who is contract medical practitioner with central railways since 3 years .contract renewed after every year after a gap of 7 the time of contract she was entitled to avail 2 leaves per month the contract clearly mentioned that she cant avail any other beneficiary leave(but maternity leave was not mentioned anywhere).now she is pregnant of 7 months.during google search we got to know that similar case of a lady doctor was denied by the NF railway guwahati..but she appealed in CAT .and the case gone ih her no 214/2006 and 100/2007(as read in assam tribunal news paper)..but i am unable to see to original judgement.
now please let me know
Can she avail maternity leave and what she we do next?

As per maternity benefit act

As per maternity benefit act she is allowed to take maternity leave. It does not make a distinction between a permanent and contract employee. Only that she should have worked for 80 days in the last year.

i m temporary employee....

Hi, i m a temporary employee since august,2007 in a public limited company but now i'll a permanent employee on payroll basis from January,2012.i m pregnent and my delivery date is due in the month of may,2012.
can i avail benefits under Maternity benefit act.

Reply Plz...

Yes, sure.

Yes, sure.

sacked when you are on maternity leaves

Dear Sir,
I am working as a Lecturer in Private Diploma engineering college(Dombivali) on Contract basis from last 3 years with 1 days break in each academic year.I am on maternity leave from 1st Nov to 31st Dec,2011( 2 months) & i have to join college from 2nd January.My colleague in college told me that you have been sacked from college & new appointment has been made in place of me.I have not given prior one month notice by college.I have visited college few days back after hearing that scenario & met Principal of college.Principal informed me that we do not require your services as no work load is there.I am having approved signed Maternity leave application along with me.

So please guide me in this regard.

Early reply is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This clearly violates

This clearly violates maternity benefit act. As per the provision the principal will need to cool his heels in jail for at least 1 year along with your job continuity since you went on maternity leave. We're ready to take up your case. Please post your complaint in along with details of your college. We'll take it up. Pl. also upload scanned copies of your employment details, maternity leave approval details etc.

sacked from private college when you are on maternity leaves

Thanks for the reply.
I am working in college from past 4 years.They are giving 1 days break in each year.They have not given appointment letter for this year.I am having only maternity leave application.But my name is there in daily attendance muster.They are not giving payment sheet.Also my name is also forwarded to MSBTE(maharashtra state board technical educatioin) for this academic year.
Please advise.

Your early reply is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Maternity Leave for BMC Employees


My wife joined in Brahanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) run at Parel from 2nd Aug'2011. She conceived in 2nd week of August'11. The EDD by USG is 13th May'2011. Before issuing the appointment letter her medical examination was done by BMC in July'11, this included Gynecology examination also and that time she was not pregnant.

She has completed 80 days of working as of 28th Dec'2011 after joining her duties from 2nd Aug'2011 without taking any break or any leave what so ever in between as per the BMC rules.

Can she awail maternity leave benefits of 180 days from Feb'2011?. When she inquired about the ML at KEM hospital admin dept, she was told that she can not get ML benefits as one needs to complete 1 year of service for availing the ML benefit of 90 days and 3years of service for availing the ML benefit of 180 days. Is this correct?

Also she is working as Lab Technician at the KEM hospital blood bank and the duties involve shift duties, earlier she was told that from 4th month of pregnancy the pregnant ladies staff is not given night/shift duties. However she has been asked to do the night duties even in the 5th and 6th month? is this correct and legal? can some legal action be taken about the same?

maternity leave

a women got job in state govt college as a teacher. At the time of appointment she was advance stage of pregency and got extention for joining her new job. After delivering a baby she want to join the new job. can she avail mernity leave after joining the job. Please clarify

I don't think so this will be

I don't think so this will be allowed because Maternity Act 1961 stipulates minimum of 80 working days before availing maternity benefits.

Maternity leave

Dear Sir,

I am working in a Regional office of public limited co. at Bangalore for 5 years at staff cadre. now i have consieved my due date is on 27th May 2012. I want to know that how many days of maternity leave i m entitled and from when can i take leave.

Please advice.

total allowed 12 weeks and

total allowed 12 weeks and you can apply 6 weeks before exact delivery date.
You can apply even after delivery.

Maternity Leave

Hi All,
My wife has got job in Brihn Mumbai Corporaton(BMC) in maharashtra. She is having 3 years of probation. Around December 15, 2011 she will be joining. Now in NOV 2011 she is 2 months pregnent. Will she get maternity leave starting from April?Can she get LWP?Shall I inform them about the pregnency?What will happen if she will join and not inform to her reporting person or while joining the BMC?Thanks in Advance.....Ram

Thanks here is reply

Thanks here is reply

maternity leave

Hi,I am working in Prestigious private engineering college in Pune,Maharashtra, from 5 years,and probation period of one year is completed.
I am expecting baby in first week of December.
Can I get a 180 days of maturity leave,as Govt college profesors get?
College Office say I will get only 90 days maternity leave.

Since yours is private

Since yours is private college you're entitled for maximum of 12 weeks of maternity leave.

Maternity Leave

I have joined as a Grade II Telugu Pandit in ZPHSchool on 21 Oct 2009. My probation ends on 21 Oct 2011. However I delivered a baby on 17 Oct 2011. I had pending of my Casual Leaves which I have availed from 18 Oct 2011 to 24 Oct 2011 and followed by Maternity Leave from 25 Oct 2011. Can I avail Like this ? Or do I need to have attendance for one day between CL's & Maternity.

As my apprentice period over, should I get my pay scale during my maternity Leave ? or will it come in arrears later when rejoin.

Casual leaves may not be

Casual leaves may not be clubbed with maternity leave. About pay scale, the school may like to extend your probation to the extent of leave taken during probation be it maternity leave.


My wife is Central Govt Employee and she gave birth a baby on 14 Sep 2011 and presently on Maternity Leave. During her leave our child died on 19 Oct 2011.
Questions are:-
(1) Should my wife join her job immediately before completion of leave period or after completion of leave?

(2) How many times maternity leave can avail in future?