Download Form-1 Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

Form-1 submission is needed to inform your employer of your upcoming maternity leave and child delivery. However you're allowed to submit it even after delivery.

Download Form 1 to avail maternity benefit


About maternity leave

My wife is in a govt. job. We have 2 childred when my wife not in job and she never taken maternity leave yet. Can she be eligible for maternity leave for baby (date of delivery Jan. 2016). Please guide me correctly.

regarding maternity leave during a project

i have been granted a project under women scientist scheme by department of science and technology,new delhi,india.

i want to know would i be eligible for any kind of maternity leave during my project as i have an independent project and i have no manpower?
kindly tell me if i cud avail this leave with or without pay ?

Do you have all the rules

Do you have all the rules under which you've been assigned the project? I guess you should not be getting maternity leaves.