Medication for Diahrrea for my 3 year Old Daughter

If your child is running diarrhea - first you should stop feeding him/her milk of any kind. At the same time you should try to give your child re dehydration solution too before you meet a qualified doctor.

You can do away with breast feed if your child is taking enough liquids otherwise breast feed will be required to get sufficient water & salts in baby's body.

For my 3.5 years weighing 14 Kgs my pediatrician has advised "Ofloxacin I.P. 100 mg" twice a day for 4-5 days.

There isn't medicine which can stop diarrhea as we had in early days: Enteroquinal - a drug with side affects.

In short you should consult first the doctor and then only get her any antibiotics or medicines of any kind. Don't give any antibiotics just by reading this!

Attention: Please take advice from a good doctor before you administer any medicine to your child. Use our advice at your own risk and we don't take any responsibility of any kind.