Medicines to Give Your Child For Cough and Cold

When in cough cold, I prefer not to give them medicines at all unless they have high fever.

Nasal Drops

Always keep Pediatric Nasal drops handy. Don't give them every time their node is blocked. Just once before sleep. Be it 6 months old.

I'd go for non-salty ones. Like from Nasivion or Otrivion. Unlike the salted water they really open up the blocked nose.

Moreover in humidifier in dry season will help babies.

Cough Medicines

I don't think they work. So I did not give them to children. When too much coughing, try to give warm compress of small towels, handkerchiefs warmed up using Iron in their throat, chest. This will reduce some cough and make their breathing easy.

What to Avoid

Anything citrus or sour needs to be avoided like Lemon, Oranges. Also banana causes little choking, avoid it too.


About 100° F during fever is normal. Don't worry. But you can give Paracetamol when you want to feed your baby or let him sleep.

Fever is good for babies health. Keep in comfortable clothing and temperature. Never wrap children too much!

Food & Water

Always boil water for 3-5 minutes(even packed Bisleri). Any home cooked food easy to digest will be fine. Never give any outside food.

If too much choking in throat is there, then in case of babies feed only a little at a time. You can feed milk too. But in case of babies they very easily vomit when they cough little more.