Which Rehydration Salt to Give to Your Child in Diarrhea/Vomit?

For diarrhea/vomiting or dehydration of your child you should give "Oral Rehydration Salts" containing Sodium, Potassium, Dextrose etc.

The non-prescription salts come in sachets which you can mix in boiled water and administer you baby as per instructions mentioned over it.

If your baby is small and wouldn't take this rehydration salt by spoon or glass then use the dropper of Nasal Drops to drop in baby's mouth a few drops of it as soon as he/she opens mouth(to cry).

The preparation formula for this is same for baby or adult. For breast feeding babies, there is nothing you need to give during such cases and you must continue to breast feed your baby.

Now a days market is full of tasty Rehydration salts or juices. But whichever you go for check that "W.H.O. Recommended Formula" is mentioned on it, otherwise don't buy since it could hurt your child.

Attention: Please take advice from a good doctor before you administer any medicine to your child. Use our advice at your own risk and we don't take any responsibility of any kind.