Safest Medicine for Child When in Fever/Body Pain

When in fever Crocin Syrup DS containing Paracetamol alias Acetaminophen is the best and safest medicine for children of all ages. Remember this formula may be sold in other brand names too but Crocin is trustable and reliable brand. Just go for it.

Always keep it with you in home and travel and when in high temperature/body pain, administer it.

Just avoid other risky drugs like Nimuslide which are banned in Western countries.


Each 5ml contains Paracetamol I.P. 240 mg.


It is clearly mentioned on the wrapper and don't need to depend on your doctor's prescription. Read the instructions/dosage carefully. Ideally it is 15mg/Kg per dose. So for 14 Kg weight you'd give 210 mg. Now each 5ml contains 240 mg so proportionally it'd come to be around 4.3 ml for my daughter 3.5 years old having 14 Kg body weight.


Don't give more than 4 times a day and once in at least 6 hours. Remember fever is good for child's recovery but if it is causing too much difficulty to him/her or he/she is running high fever then administer it and it'd take 30 minutes or so to start getting affect in the body.

Give 1-2 biscuits with this medicine. Always shake well any syrups. Leave the child uncovered in comfortable temperature. Never cover your child's body too much when in fever, this could be lethal. After giving Paracetamol also there is no need to cover the body unless it is very cold outside

High Fever

When in high fever( 103° or more) you should keep wet towel in the forehead of the child and keep sponging with a wet cloth/handkerchief in the legs, neck and hands of the children. Use only lukewarm water and not cold one. Cold water may increase temperature due to shivering. You can also give shower your child in lukewarm water and there is no harm in it.

Attention: Please take advice from a good doctor before you administer any medicine to your child. Use our advice at your own risk and we don't take any responsibility of any kind.

Always shake well Syrups before you administer them to your children.