Maternity Leave FAQ for Central Government Employees

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Q.1 When I can start the maternity leave?
Ans: you can start your maternity leaves six weeks before the expected date of your delivery.

Q.2 Can I work till the day of my delivery so that I can have more time with my baby?
Ans: Yes, You can work up to the day of your delivery and then also you will be entitled for the maternity benefit.

Q.3 Can I ask my office to give me lighter jobs during pregnancy to avoid physical strain?
Ans. You can definitely ask your boss to change your duties if your job involves long standing time, working with obnoxious, hazardous chemicals or any type of work which can be harmful for mother or baby's health and development.

Q.4 What will happen if I join office before completing my maternity leave?
Ans. If you join the office before the completion of your maternity leave period, your maternity benefits automatically gets cancelled. So if you need to do some office job during maternity leave period, do it as obligatory rather than formally joining the office. Remember, office can not compel you to join during maternity leave.

Q.5 Can I extend leaves for the care of the child, after the maternity leaves are over?
Ans. As per CCS rules for government employees, maternity leaves can be combined with any kind of leaves (including commuted leave up to 60 days and leave not due) and extendable up to one year in continuation without medical certificate. Remember the leaves to be taken up in continuation, if you join office, then this rule does not apply. For private sector companies, the policy differs from company to company and one need to check their company's HR policy for details.

Q.6 Can Casual Leaves be combined with Maternity leaves?
Ans. No , Casual Leaves can not be combined with maternity leave.

Q.7 Now, the Government has given one more leave to women employees i.e. Child Care Leave. Can it be combined with Maternity Leave?
Ans. Yes, It can be combined with Maternity leave. remember, not to join back in the office. As soon as you join back your maternity benefits gets cancelled.

Q.8 Can CL be combined with Maternity Leave?
Ans. No since CL is not considered a leave.

Q.9 I've adopted a new born baby , am I eligible for maternity leave?
Ans. Yes it is clearly allowed now( see high court order here).

Q.10 My child has died after birth, am I allowed Maternity Leave?
Ans. From this High Court order, we can see that Judge has made comments that "convalescing from labor and nursing breaks" are part of maternity leaves that's why it should be allowed in case of adoption of child. So even after death due to reason of need of convalescence, it should be allowed in case after death of child.

If you have any leave related questions and want us to answer it then raise it at our working women forum.

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I am a central govt employee.

I am a central govt employee. i have availed one ML and now i am 5 months pregnant. the problem is that this time it is a twin pregnancy. Is there any special additional leave for twin pregnancies. Will i get all the benefit for these twin children also. please suggest

twins in the second pregnancy.wheather i will get all the benifs


80 working days in last 1

80 working days in last 1 year is sufficient for you to avail ML.

If it is your second

If it is your second pregnancy and you get twins , you will get all the benefits for the kids like health, education facility etc. But there are not any extra maternity leaves or any kind of leave for twin pregnancy. During pregnancy you can take one month leaves if your doctor advises you for rest. you need to produce medical certficate for that.

As far as I know there is no

As far as I know there is no extra benefit in ML in case of your issue.

refusal of maternity leave

Sir, kindly let me know the circumstances under which a maternity leave can be refused by an employer. Also what is the right time (pregnancy month) to apply for this leave and what should the format be. please respond.

Maternity leave under the act

Maternity leave under the act can't be refused. The right time is on the last day of your pregnancy if you can work in your office till then. There is no format and you can even apply after delivery.

by mistake maternity leave and earned leave collapsed


i am on maternity leave for 180 days but by mistake i have taken 3 months el after 150 days of leave. what about my excess el. is this recorded 2 months in my record or three months.

If you have taken EL in

If you have taken EL in continuation of ML it can be regularized. You need to apply to the competent authority for regularization. But if you had joined back and then taken EL it can not be regularized and your ML is finsihed the day u joined back whether in part or full.

about CCL

Im working with central government and completed one yr of my service n still on probabtion period. im on maternity leave till jaunary 1st 2012 and want to take CCL in continuation to maternity leave because my baby is premature. plz suggest is there any problem in sanction of this type of leave?

Your office can't stop you if

Your office can't stop you if you take leave in continuation of your ML. You can continue leave up to 2 years after using ML.

About Child care leave


I am working in Central Government office. My probation period is of 2 yrs and i have completed one yr. Rite now i m on maternity leave till December end. Can i avail Child care leave for a year bcoz my baby is only 4 months old. Is there any rule that on probation they can cancel my CCL?

Taking any leave in

Taking any leave in continuation of maternity leave will be governed by maternity leave rules and you can take any leave in continuation for 1-2 years.

Child Care leave reg:

I am working in Central Government office. i am on maternity leave from 4th july,2011 to 31.12.2011. can i get Child care leave for 6 months. actually i am on probation and completed one yr in that office. There is nobody to take care of my child at home. so advice me.

In continuation, yes, even

In continuation, yes, even your office can't stop.
Why 6 months? Go for 1 year.
But once you join office then ball will be in their court.

Abortion Leave


I'm central gov school permanent TGT teacher just joined 10 month back.
as i had misscarriaged last week and as per doctor advice,i have taken abortion leave.
Can you please guide me how many leave i can take on this. Is is required or necessary to take 45 days full or i can join the school after 20 days bed rest.
Kindly advice me on this

You can definitely join after

You can definitely join after 20 days. As this 45 days leave is maximum in your entire service period from miscarriage.

You can take 45 days and join

You can take 45 days and join before 45 days. Looks like you can avail maximum of 45 days in entire service. And you may be able to take more than once.

Want to avail maternity leave from 3rd month onwards.


hi I am sakhshi sinha working as TGT in JNV bihar. I am pregnent from 9 weeks and want to avail maternity leave as I have habitual abortin=ve case in the past. Could I go for the maternity leave right now from next month onwards?

You can apply ML for abortion

As per central maternity act for every miscarriage you can take 1 month of maternity leave. Plus you can additional 1 month sick leave( other leave) in case of continued illness.
If you want to start ML before delivery then you can start 6 weeks before delivery.

maternity leave in first trimester

I am working as senior resident in central government hospital since 33 months.I am 5 weeks pregnant.since I have only 3 months of senior residency left, I would like to avail ML right away.What do I need to do?
If ML is not possible,what kind of leave can I take?

You are eligible for ML. Just

You are eligible for ML. Just apply for ML to the hospital in writing. You can apply even after delivery.

regarding maternity leave

I am a doctor. i am doing my senior residency in a hospital. during my 2nd pregnancy i availed 5months of maternity leave. the child was a still birth child. Am I entitled for maternity leave. If yes how many days. what are the documents that I need to submit in my favour?

during my third pregnancy I again availed 6 months maternity leave. this is the only child that is alive. The previous issues expired after the birth. Please let me know the leave rules in relation to my queries.


Hi sunita, you are

Hi sunita,
you are talking about third pregnancy leave.
Can you let me know whether we can avail 2 maternity leave in three yr senior residency


Yes you can

Yes you can avail maternity leave again. I also want to quote comments from recent Chandigarh High Court Order:
The Maternity Benefit Act 1961, nowhere restricts the benefit of payment of maternity benefits to the birth of two children

Maternity leave

I am a central government employee. During my first pregnancy I had to be on leave for around 11 months. Starting from the second month of pregnancy, due to some complications.I availed a few months Earned leave and EOL on medical ground (always enclosed medical certificate) prior to maternity leave. So my query is:
Weather this period will be treated as service and I will be considered for next promotion?

Please reply,

Thanks in advance!!

Mine was similar case

I'm too in government and I too took EOL when pregnant and my admin officer advised me that EOL without medical leave would constitute break-in-duty and will affect career. So I took EOL on medical.
But still my office is taking it as negative and affecting my career seriously.
But it was not for serious reason like you have. Yours is a genuine case so it should not affect your career on sympathetic grounds.

We can only say that an ML

We can only say that an ML period will always be considered for promotion.
You should see government rules or Swamy's book for correct answer of this question.

maternity leave for new mother in new appointment

I have been selected for a GOVT-BANK JOB when I was Nine months pregnant. I was to join by 10.09.2011 and on request I was sanctioned Extension for 3 1/2 months for JOINING. Mean while I have delivered a baby boy on 07.10.2011. I have to join the Bank by 31.12.2011.

My query is Whether

1. "I can avail maternity leave immediately after few days of joining the Bank" and

2."whether I shall get 6 months Maternity Leave".

The child born now is the second one.
Can some one guide me.

Your query should come under

Your query should come under PSU and not govt.
Moreover you should not be eligible for maternity leave since to avail it you should have less than two surviving children. Also for PSU/Private you should have worked for 80 days minimum to avail it. But you can avail child care leave as per your bank policies that we don't know.

clarification joining time with maternity leave

One of my collogue work as PRT in Kendriya Vidyalaya & promoted as
TGT(BIO) through limited department Examination on . She posted from
another place from present posting place ( present posting place was
Sawai Madhopur & Posted to Kendriya Vidyalaya Karauli (RAJASTHAN) .At
the time of promotion she was on maternity leave up t 21.12.2010 ,she
applied for extension of joining time due to maternity leave but
inspite of them DDO relieved her in absencia on 25.10.2010 .She
resumed her duties on 22.12.2010 after expiry of maternity leave . She
shift her family on 15.01.2011. She applied to credit unavailable
joining time of 10 days to her service book but KVS authorities denied
to credit them to say that she has relieved on 25.10.2010 so your
joining time cover in the maternity leave , please clarify me that in
such condition what is the rule postion .

maternity leave

i have joined Kendriya Vidyalaya on 02 nov 2010 in that time i had 6 week pregnancy i delivered my male baby on 18 June, from 18 June i am on maternity leave can i get my salary during maternity leave because i have not received MY SALARY from 1 st July and they are saying that till one year of service u wont get any leave and in the maternity cases u will get leave without pay though i am for probation for two is true please help me.

You can find a reply at:

Maternity and Child care leave clarifications

I'm a central government employee,recently married and planning for a pregnancy. My husband is working in Singapore.If I get pregnant,can I combine maternity leave with child care leave of 2 years and stay with him in Singapore(for 730+180 days). Is that combination possible?. If this is not possible,what is the maximum number of days I can take so that I can go and stay with him at Singapore.

Yes , you can combine the

Yes , you can combine the child care leave with meternity leave. Up to one year (including ML) you can take any leave even medical without certificate. But after that child care leave needs to be approved by the competent authority in advance. So , talk to your boss and explain your situation or may be after availing one year leave you can explain your boss the situation. He has to agree after one year for giving you the leaves.

maternity leave

i have joined Kendriya Vidyalaya on 1st DEC 2010 in that time i had 6 month pregnancy i delivered my male baby on 18 June, from 18 June i am on maternity leave can i get my salary during maternity because i have not received MY SALARY from 1 st July though i am for probation for two years.

your question is wrong

your question is wrong

After you join back , you

After you join back , you will get your salary dues. But first tell me if you had submitted your pregnancy test at the time of joining. If not why?? If office didnot ask you for pregnancy test report, they have to give your salary dues but if you had given false report, i do not know what action they will take.

Maternity leave.

I am a Central govt. employee. Maternity leave is given for abortion/miscarriage upto 45 days. Does availing such leave exhausts the chance of second maternity benefit? I have one child and had abortion during my second pregnancy. If I avail 45 days Maternity leave on account of abortion , will I be getting 180 days Maternity leave during my next pregnancy?

NO, this 45 days leaves are

NO, this 45 days leaves are in addition of 2 maternity leaves given to a woman employee. Do not take it as Maternity leave Take it as leave due to exigencies/complications arising in pregnancy.Your leave application needs to be supported by a certificate from registered medical practitioner.

see the article on this link: